About me

Hi, my name is Julie W. Tran. I'm an author. Writing is more of an obsession of mine. I'm 45 years old with my family. We have beautiful kids and an awesome husband, which is why we decided to get a dog to pet. It should be walked every day, not only once , but at a minimum twice daily. We also get together as a family on weekends and in the evenings to get together and play games. Our favourite is puzzles. It's something we're very passionate about. I discovered https://riddlesbest.com/ it has some great riddles.

I have loved to write since my childhood. How would I describe myself as an author? I began rewriting when I was just 5 years old and coloring the very first illustrations for my personal favorite fairy tale written by Andersen and redrawing The Little Mermaid in a coloring book. When I was seven years old I was retelling my first Reading and Natural History lesson. At the age of 10, I began writing down stories I read from an adult women's magazine to my peers.

Then, a constant revising: high school does not assume the existence of his opinion, University is to repeat the idea of the professor, but not the work only the boss has the right idea Subordinates are obligated to in silence ... I changed jobs - in a position where I was not able to prove my correctness. I had a vote of "yes" and I never dared to say "no. O'bryant, rebellious , and submissive. Resistant. Nodding without agreeing, speaking without thinking. What type of copywriter are you? What is this? publicizing my words or thoughts of others? It is possible to write anything on the paper will be there, and maybe nobody will be able to read or see. You can think about anything. What are the forbidden topics? How do I know? The way I was taught all my life, logic is precise, or about what you'd like to do,... The axiom of the materialization of thought states that you should think clearly. Rewrite, repeat, to speak, to shout - like one has been told.

Copyright is a service that you can order for what you're paid. Looking - at what you see, seeing what's in the frame, hearing the sound of the horn not hearing the neighbor's voice in the commode. Copywriting is it a thing? Are thoughts, ideas, words being translated into individuality, into your text or into your daily life? In what instances did my thoughts acquire a life of their own? The reprimands from my mother-in-law's house or my parents' moralizing were the only things I heard. The husband's incessant questions, rants with no dialogues in the form of meaningless blah the list goes on... And as a distant child, crawling under a blanket and hiding from reality. There were stories told about people who were on the skies of tiny stars and were able to fly. Maybe she composed poetry (trivially loving love poems), which are sure to be written by numerous people who have feelings and feel their thoughts about the world.

The daylight, and reality, is brutal, and limits your options because you are able to only view and hear the presentation. Yesterday is not tomorrow. And Today has no future. However, if you close your eyes, all that is possible is to be able to see and be able to manifest each moment or thought, as well as every desire. I'm a copywriter! In my dreams, I'm a Copywriter? If I am thinking that I am not allowed to think, I do not see what I think I see in electronic images. I fantasize about a future which never existed and never will be. Five, six, seven... How many years? How do you explain why life rewriting appears to take so much time? Proper calculation is more important than unfettered creativity. Author. The time to write is right now.